Best yakiniku – Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara (炭火焼肉なかはら)

Sushi, ramen and yakiniku (grilled meat in Japanese) are possibly the most loved food in Japan. I have always put sushi in my first priority when I planned my foodie trip, until I had my first visit to Sumbiyakiniku Nakahara in Tokyo in 2015. It has totally changed my mind about grilled meat. Impressed by the fine ways of cooking the prestigious Japanese wagyu, I … Continue reading Best yakiniku – Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara (炭火焼肉なかはら)

Food and sake pairing surprises- Godenya

Breaking into the hole in the wall, we found a hidden Japanese style izakaya with both traditional and contemporary values. It is a small shop with six seats at the counter, a two-seats table and a newly functioning private room. Godenya was opened around a year ago and it has then become one of the hottest spot in Hong Kong. We were lucky enough to … Continue reading Food and sake pairing surprises- Godenya

Let’s talk about well-B.Eing – snackbox

“Ding-dong!” the doorbell rang, I saw a brown box with a big label of The B.E Company printed on it. The B.E Company is a newly launched company that promotes healthy lifestyle among people in Hong Kong. The ‘B.E’ comes from the somehow abstract word well-being. How can we achieve the so-called well-being state? Hong Kong peeps are known to be extremely busy and have … Continue reading Let’s talk about well-B.Eing – snackbox

God of sushi 寿司の神 – can it lives up to its name?

Curiosity, the first reaction when I heard about the name the God of Sushi in Hong Kong. This curiosity drove me all the way to Yuen Long in New Territories to check it out. The name of this sushi restaurant came from their respect to sushi master Jiro Ono in Japan, who commonly known as the God of sushi. The question is, can it lives … Continue reading God of sushi 寿司の神 – can it lives up to its name?

Recipe – Japanese-style cooked eggplant なすのめんつゆ煮

Ever since I tried the astonishingly delicious cold eggplant dish from Zamami Island (座間味島) in Okinawa, I have been searching for the best recipe for it so that I could try my best to replicate my favourite eggplant dish. The recipe book Amused by my amazement towards the very common Japanese homemade dish, my Okinawan friend Shinko generously gave me her cook book. (By the … Continue reading Recipe – Japanese-style cooked eggplant なすのめんつゆ煮

My love for GROM

My love for GROM has rooted since 2011 when I travelled to the gelato-land, Italy! I am never a big fan of icy food, not until I ate the first Italian gelato. Due to the lower air content, gelato has a distinctive high density in texture, richness and creaminess in body. I am especially impressed by their variety of amazing gelato flavours in Italy, including my … Continue reading My love for GROM

First taste of Hoi An, Vietnam

There is a blooming grow of Vietnamese food in Hong Kong recently, and I have always been fascinated to visit Vietnam, the well-known country of great food and unique Vietnamese coffee. I had my first visit to Hoi An and Da Nang cities with a group of seven girlfriends in June. The weather was sunny and extremely hot (38 degrees Celsius lol), which did hesitate … Continue reading First taste of Hoi An, Vietnam