Behind the scene – Avocado Toast

Avocado is my favourite food. It is never easy to catch the perfect moment to EAT it (you know what I mean if you too are an avo-lover!). I was supposed to try making avocado rose but it turned out the avocado was too ripen and soft that I could only mash it with a fork. Nonetheless, it still tasted good with just a little bit of seasoning.

Four simple steps to open an avocado:13453561_10154269596223000_272497634_n

  1. First and the most important, to choose a ripen avocado. It should be slightly soft when you press on the surface, especially check the sharper tip of the avocado. Then cut it into halves.
  2. You should have two halves of the avocado, one with seed and one without.
  3. Slowly and carefully cut into the middle of the seed, and turn/twist the seed, it should then be removed easily (provided that you avo is ripen enough).
  4. Cut into slices or cubes at your preference, remove with a spoon.


Tips for shooting food photos

The key is to shoot with natural daylight. Seriously it is the ulimate key of shooting. Sometimes it is difficult to have sufficient natural day light in Hong Kong, but try your best to find the best spot that received enough sunlight. You can see the difference from the following examples…

My final product posted on Instagram @shell_we_eat

I am not a professional photographer so I usually shoot by trial-and-error, e.g. experimenting with different backgrounds, decorations etc.

experimenting with different background…

When I brought it back to indoor, it immediately looks less appetising lol.

uh… may be not

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