A day in Hoi An – Cooking and Cruising 

As we are travelling in a group of seven girls, it is difficult to walk around the city by ourselves as we all have slightly different traveling styles. Therefore I have researched on various day tours around Hoi An (there are so many choices!). It turned out to be a good decision as we had so much fun from our cooking class and sunset tour.


Vy’s cooking class

When I did the research for cooking class from Lonely Planet, I had a difficulty in choosing between Morning Glory Cooking School (or Ms Vy Cooking Class, they are the same) or Red Bridge Cooking School, they both receive excellent reviews and include comprehensive activities. At last we picked The Taste Vietnam Street Food Tour as it lasts for two hours only and could fit into our schedule more flexibly. 

To better describe the class, we should call it an EATING class instead of cooking, as we got so full at the end! We were led by their young staff Vo (I wonder if all their names start with ‘V’…) to tour around the Vy’s market. It is not an actual market that locals go, but a well established building by Ms Vy  with different stores demonstrating the making of Hoi An local food from scratch. 

We had so much fun in rolling the spring rolls, making the dough for banh mi, cutting noodles and learning to speak different Vietnamese words! (Well, learning the language is a bonus, as we were so interested in making the correct pronunciation in Vietnamese. I thought Cantonese is already difficult with nine intonations, but why is it so hard to read out Vietnamese words? :P) Do not expect a sophisticated cooking demonstration, the ‘cooking’ part is less than the eating and demonstration time. If you are an experienced cook and want to really learn about making Vietnamese food, try to opt for the classes with longer hours. 

Website: http://msvy-tastevietnam.com/cooking-classes/

Sunset Tour

Photo taken by my Seagull film camera, 120mm, portra 160

Picking this Hoi An Eco Tour is another more than correct decision. The tour is run by the Tran family, we were first picked up by Mr Tran at our hotel, when we arrived the Eco Village, we were guided by Mr Tran’s son (another Mr Tran haha) to get on a medium sized boat. The boat trip was absolutely relaxing, we were amazed by the beautiful river that is surrounded by water coconut plants and the beautifully stunning sunset. During the trip, we had the chance to throw out a fishing net, ride in the smaller coconut boats, chill and relax with a can of beer and music. 

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After the boat ride, we were led to Mr Tran’s home for food, made by Mrs Tran. We ate the famous snack in Hoi An, Vietnamese pancake. It is a memorable experience and I definitely recommend the Hoi An Eco Tour. Thanks for introducing such a beautiful side of Hoi An (and recommending the best pho in town :P). 

love the tranquility
The surprise of taking film photos… unexpected double exposure 😛

Website: http://jacktranecotours.com/

* Photo all rights reserved to @shell_we_eat



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