My love for GROM

My love for GROM has rooted since 2011 when I travelled to the gelato-land, Italy! I am never a big fan of icy food, not until I ate the first Italian gelato. Due to the lower air content, gelato has a distinctive high density in texture, richness and creaminess in body. I am especially impressed by their variety of amazing gelato flavours in Italy, including my favourite of all, pistachio flavour.

GROM in Hong Kong (Finally!)

The long awaited GROM Hong Kong branch has opened on 4th July 2016 in IFC shopping mall, located right next to TeaWG shop. (Thanks to the team who brought GROM to Hong Kong!) As a loyal fan of GROM, I was obliged to pay a visit on their first day. (Haha!) It was 6pm and thank God there were not a queue yet. I immediately checked out their gelato flavours, there are only six flavours upon opening, including my favourite pistachio, gianduja (chocolate & hazelnut), vanilla, stracciatella (milk and chocolate chips), strawberry and crema de Grom (pastry cream with corn biscuits and chocolate chips). GROM only uses natural raw ingredients in making their gelato, no flavouring, colouring nor preservatives added. Thus their gelato is healthy in some sense (I am not talking about the sugar or fat content :P), when you choose dessert, choose wisely!

Price: mini (1 flavour) – $35; small (2 flavours) – $59; medium (3 flavours) – $69; large (3 flavours) – $79; extra large (4 flavours) – $99

Verdict: Their pistachio gelato tasted AS GOOD AS the one I had in Italy, I was so touched to have such amazing gelato in my hometown. Yet it melted fairly quickly, probably related to the whipping process. (It won’t be due to the hot weather as we had it inside IFC shopping mall, and shopping malls in Hong Kong are famous for their freezing cold air conditioning…) I hope they could pay attention to this melting-issue, and bring us more gelato flavours soon, I just cannot wait to come back again.

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Here’s my love story with GROM in retrospect… enjoy 😉

GROM in Italy – Florence

My first visit to GROM in Florence in 2011.

Second visit to Florence in 2014, I seized the chance to have as much gelato as possible…

GROM in Italy – Venice


GROM is basically all over Italy, we could surely find GROM at ease in Venice, the possibly most touristy city in Italy.

GROM in France – Paris


How could they not have GROM in Paris, the city known for best desserts?

GROM in Japan – Tokyo and Osaka

There was a GROM branch in Shinjuku 1010 shopping mall in Tokyo before (right picture), but it has been closed down. The branch in Osaka Station (middle picture) is the only GROM branch in Japan now.

P.S. look at the food models (left picture) of GROM gelato! only in Japan!
P.P.S. Yes I know, I choose pistachio flavour every time…


*Photos all rights reserved to @shell_we_eat


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