God of sushi 寿司の神 – can it lives up to its name?

Curiosity, the first reaction when I heard about the name the God of Sushi in Hong Kong. This curiosity drove me all the way to Yuen Long in New Territories to check it out. The name of this sushi restaurant came from their respect to sushi master Jiro Ono in Japan, who commonly known as the God of sushi. The question is, can it lives up to its name?



Chef recommendation menu is the only option for dinner. There are several plans for chef recommendation, depending on the number of sushi or sashimi, price ranging from $600-$1200.

We started off with the Hokkaido oyster (北海道昆布森真蠔). O-M-G. Look how fatty it was. The oyster was currently in season, it was plump and very creamy, more on the sweet side with briny taste lingered in mouth. It was very impressive.

Fatty and creamy Hokkaido oyster

It was followed by sashimi, including clam 石垣貝, jack mackerel 深海池魚腩, fatty tuna 吞拿魚腩, kinmedai (alfonsino) 金目鯛. Chef introduced us having the fatty tuna wrapped in crispy seaweed, which greatly attenuated the greasiness from tuna fat. I love the kinmedai dish, chef first torched the fish so the aroma from the fish oil had been released, paired with crispy fish scales on top, two thumbs up!

Japanese glass shrimp sushi 富山名產白蝦壽司

When it came to the sushi part, I just couldn’t help but saying ‘delicious!’ all the time. I love eating sushi. I admired chef’s knife skills; he used minimal seasoning to bring out layers of flavours, and he delicately presented the beauty of each sushi. The quality of sushi at God of Sushi was very good. Since the chefs and the restaurant are young and new, they are willing to experiment in different ways to present sushi, including using different condiments. Their experiment turned out to be successful.

IMPRESSIVE sea urchin sushi 
The sweetest honey dew as dessert

Check out my instagram for the video that covers my entire omakase meal. 

Why Yuen Long?

I asked. Why did you choose to open a fine dining sushi restuarant in Yuen Long, but not in the more popular locations in Causeway Bay or Tsim Sha Tsui. Chef mentioned that there were a lot of Japanese restaurants in Yuen Long, all of them were selling Japanese food at low price which might compromise the food quality. The owner of this restuarant saw the opportunity to open a high quality sushi place, aiming to bring the real sushi and high quality seafood to Yuen Long-ers.


I enjoyed the meal from the beginning to the end. The young but experienced chefs tried their best in bringing in new elements to their food. I totally enjoyed the food, especially their sushi, the interaction and learning from chef. God of Sushi is no inferior to their sushi counterparts in Tsim Sha Tsui nor Causeway Bay. In my opinion, it is much better than the recently popular counterpart just a few street away. The only complain was about their lighting which made us really difficult to shoot photos (:P blogger’s problem…). I recommend God of Sushi and sushi lovers, why not give it a try?



*by invitation

**all photos credit to Jonathan @startshootinghk


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