Let’s talk about well-B.Eing – snackbox

“Ding-dong!” the doorbell rang, I saw a brown box with a big label of The B.E Company printed on it. The B.E Company is a newly launched company that promotes healthy lifestyle among people in Hong Kong. The ‘B.E’ comes from the somehow abstract word well-being. How can we achieve the so-called well-being state? Hong Kong peeps are known to be extremely busy and have endless work time. People tend to release stress with lots of health-compromising activities, according to the B.E Company, which would eventually lead them to a vicious cycle. Thus B.E offers the easiest and most convenient way for people to get hold of healthy food – snack box subscription.


The contents inside the box are more than what I have expected. Each B.E Selfish Snackers box (what a name!) contains fruit chips, crackers, nuts, energy bars and tea bags! Let’s check it out one by one.

Everything from the first month B.E Selfish Snackers subscription

Fruit chips


This is a nice apple chips made from actual Granny Smith apples. The B.E company is going to team up with Hong Kong local farms for more fresh fruit chips, I look forward in trying out local fruit chips in the following snackboxes! As an occasional farmer, I support local farming!



This Exotic Rice Toast is actually not exotic at all, tastes like normal rice cracker but in purple colour.


I usually mix them with my muesli as breakfast, a full breakfast keeps you energetic for the whole day.

Energy bars


Perfect pre- or post-workout food.

Tea bags


I love Yogi teas, especially their detox and kombucha teas. A cup of tea a day keeps toxins away. It would be great if they could include Pukka tea too. (:P Big fan of Pukka tea)


Check out more on the B.E company site. I am excited for their upcoming items including fruit chips from local farm, fresh juice and so many more.

Happy and healthy snacking!


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